Many owners of cars or motorcycles are worried that criminals will steal their cars, hoping to have a portable way to check the location of cars or motorcycles at any time. And the most portable tool is the phone we carried every day. So can our phone track our car, or is there an APP that can check our car’s location?

In fact, if you have installed the GPS tracker on your car or motorcycle, and then you can use the APP named “WhatsGPS” to check the location at any time, specific steps are as follows.

1. Download the “WhatsGPS” APP in the APP store.

After you have installed the SEEWORLD GPS tracker, if you are using the IOS, then you can directly download it in the APP store. If you are using Android, you can search and download the APP in your own APP store.

2. Log in to your account.

When you finished downloading, you don’t need to register, just enter the account name and password of the GPS tracker you purchased to log in.

The account name: There is a sticker on the surface of the GPS tracker, and the 15 digits of the IMEI/SN number on the sticker are the account name.

The password: The last 6 digits of the IMEI/SN number are the password.

3. Manage cars or motorcycles.

After you have logined, you can manage your car or motorcycle. You can check the car’s position, set the GEO fence, remote upgrade or remote flame-out, receive the alarms, and other operations. It can not only help you prevent theft and daily management, and also help you chase and retrieve the car if your car is stolen.

And you need to pay attention to purchase the GPS tracker that has excellent quality and well after service, otherwise the GPS tracker will have a malfunction or off-line. Besides, pick up a reliable GPS platform to avoid data breaches. If you have any other questions about WhatsGPS, please contact our website customer.