Platform Web

The platform web page is straightforward,incorporates the latest technology,and is suitable for any web browser.It can be used to open and query vehicle information on the webpage,which is simple and convenient.

Mobile App

WhatsGPS also implements a mobile app that lets you view your vehicle information at any time,no matter where you are,and delivers a great user experience.

System Features

WhatsGPS is the all-in-one GPS tracking software solution.The platform that has all needed features:Rich web applications,Mobile apps,Integration with most GPS trackers,M2M/IoT connectivity,Administrator tools,Billing and Payment,API and Plugins.

Custom function

WhatsGPS shares all API interfaces,users can customize development products according to their own service scenarios,and can customize user interfaces such as APP,webpage,and domain name.

Fence management

WhatsGPS manages all fences in a unified way,and can set complex fences such as polygons and circles.A single device sets up multiple fences,and a single fence associates multiple devices.

Multi-device management

The device can be grouped and controlled,and multiple devices can be sold,transferred,modified,and renewed in batches.

Report statistics

In any time period,according to the vehicle speed and oil quantity change,the vehicle mileage and the vehicle fuel usage and driving speed can be used for report statistics.

Power off function

Power off the power at a remote location.The user sends a remote power cutoff command through the platform or command to remotely turn off the car.

Oil quantity detection

After the sensor is installed on the vehicle equipment, the fuel quantity of the vehicle can be seen on the platform, and the shortage of oil is found in time.

Temperature Control

The temperature is abnormal,and the treatment is timely,which not only protects the safety of the vehicle, but also ensures the safety of the driver.

Electronic Fence

You can set the fence boundary in a custom zone and automatically send an alarm when an object enters or leaves the marked fence.

Viewing playback

Platform will record the trajectory of the the vehicle within 6 months. When you need it, you can play back the trajectory based on the date and the speed of the playback.

Platform Operation

WhatsGPS is easy to use,the page is simple and clear,and all kinds of functions can be quickly found.You can perform recharge renewal,set vehicle parameters,fuel quantity detection,temperature control and other operations on the platform.
When there is a problem with the platform, such as a system crash, the map is not displayed, etc.,you can report it to us for repair. Or when you encounter problems that you don’t understand while using the platform, such as a feature not found, you can also consult our relevant personnel.

"The stable function and the ability to dock various types of GPS devices are my biggest experience in using iTrack for so many years."

– Aimi Sayed

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