Now basically most owners or enterprises will install GPS trackers on electric motorcycles, because of their high practicability and convenience. But people wonder if the GPS tracker is power-off while the electric motorcycle is driving, can it continue to locate?

To answer this question, it needs to be discussed separately. Generally, there are two kinds of GPS tracker: wired and wireless. And there will be different results after power-off.

1. Wired GPS tracker

The wired GPS trackers for electric motorcycles need to be directly connected to the car which means that its power supply is provided by the electric motorcycle. If there is a power outage, it should still be possible to maintain positioning for a period of time, but positioning deviation may occur.

For this kind of situation, it is best to buy an electric motorcycle GPS tracker with a low-battery alarm and power-off alarm. When the car is power-off, the GPS tracker will send an alarm notification in time, so that the owner can deal with it as soon as possible.

2. Wireless GPS tracker

Wireless GPS trackers have built-in batteries and do not need electric vehicles to supply power. If there is a power failure, it usually means that the tracker is faulty, and you need to contact the manufacturer for repair as soon as possible.

In fact, in the absence of external conditions and major collisions, no matter whether it is a wired or wireless GPS tracker, there will be no power failure. So if you find that the GPS tracker you purchased is prone to have power-off situations and abnormal increase in power consumption, it may be the quality problems. So if you have any other questions about the GPS tracker of electric motorcycles, feel free to contact the WhatsGPS customer service.