As we all know, whether it is car leasing, car finance, or private car owners, a car GPS tracker will be installed in the car to check the car’s condition, monitor, and track. However, some car owners may give up installing the car tracker or even remove the existing one for saving battery or convenience.

But removing the car tracker will cause the following two significant risks.

1. Increased risk of car theft

Generally, the anti-theft function of the GPS tracker is realized through multiple alarm, such as power-off alarm, light-sensitive alarm, GEO-fence alarm. And they will let the owners know when their car is facing the risk of theft. So if you remove the car tracker, it will increase the risk of car theft.

 2. Unable to monitor the conditions of the car

With the development of technology, the functions of GPS trackers are gradually enriched. Besides the alarm function, owners and enterprises can monitor their car’s conditions and manage them through the GPS platform like WhatsGPS. When car theft happens, owners can trace the car and retrieve it.

Generally speaking, the advantages of installing the GPS tracker outweigh the disadvantages. And it can not only protect your vehicle and increase driving safety. So if you remove your GPS tracker will not help to avoid potential risks.

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