When using a GPS tracker, an offline alarm is a frequently consulted question. Once the tracker is offline, it means that the work of transmitting the position and alarm status is interrupted, which will affect the normal use of the car owner or the enterprise. So what should you do to solve this problem? Generally, there are the following 4 situations.

GPS tracker is in the signal blind zone.

When the GPS tracker is in a signal blind zone, such as an underground parking lot, a remote suburb or a tunnel, etc., and this will cause the GPS tracker to automatically trigger the offline alarm.

If you encounter this situation, don’t worry. It will return to normal when you drive to a place where you can receive satellite signals.

SIM card failure of GPS tracker.

If the SIM card of the GPS tracker is damaged or deformed, it will also trigger an offline alarm. For example, some vehicles often need to work in a high-temperature environment. The SIM card of the GPS tracker is easily damaged because of the high temperature, causing the device to go offline.

If you encounter this kind of problem, it is best to ask a professional to reinstall the SIM card. Remember not to change the card yourself to avoid damage to the device.

The SIM card of the GPS tracker expires.

The GPS tracker needs to rely on the SIM card installed in the device to be used normally. So if the device has an offline alarm, maybe that the GPS tracker’s IoT card has expired or is in arrears. If you are not sure, you can check it through the GPS management platform or contact the supplier for inquiries.

If it is determined that it is offline for arrears or expire, you can use it normally as long as you repay the fee.

The GPS tracker is power-off.

Normally, if the GPS tracker loses power or runs out of battery, it will also trigger an offline alarm. 

If it is a wired GPS tracker, check whether the line is loose or the line is installed incorrectly. Here, it is best to re-install according to the instructions or hand over to a professional. If it is a wireless device, check to see if the battery of the GPS locator itself has run out.

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